Raising the next Generation of IT Specialists in Africa

Constantly changing job requirements generate a demand for lifelong learning. In order to stay ahead in today’s job market, professionals need to possess comprehensive, comparable skills and knowledge.  To meet this need, the develoPPP.de project of iSQI GmbH co-financed by DEG  from the public funds of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development in Germany is lauching this project to create an opportunity for Africans to get the right professional certifications in order to compete globally. 

Why Join Us?


  • Engage with young minds eager to shape the future 
  • Partner with IT stakeholders 
  • Create job opportunities and new initiatives
  • Connection to international IT networks and organizations
  • Engage with the locals through our events, trainings and workshops. 
  • Train through our train the trainer programme
  • Unleash potential of professionals in Africa

Our mission is to engage directly with IT enthusiasts and to guide them through an acquisition of needed skills, certifications and business opportunities in order for them to gain competitive advantage over others.

Our Mission in Rwanda
  • Establish qualification / certification centers
  • Establish & maintain trainer networks and examiner pools
  • Establish local testing board and connection to international community of software testers
  • Support measures for networking between East African region and German companies
  • Set Rwandans on the global map of IT software competitiveness with others around the world

Meet Our Team

Stephan Goericke

iSQI CEO - Project Stakeholder

”If this progress continues, Rwanda will be the leading country of transformation to a digital economy in Africa”

Ronald Huster

Project Supervisor

“iSQI’s global reputation in the certification market makes it a reliable partner for the African IT community.”

erika paasche

Project Advisor

“This will raise awareness for internationally recognized certifications contributing to the improvement of professional careers.”

Our Partners

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