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The purpose of the project is to directly engage with Rwanda IT enthusiasts and set the stage for future engagement in the country. “The develoPPP.de project of iSQI GmbH is co-financed by DEG from public funds of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development.”

- Since 2004 -

international Software Quality Institute (iSQI GmbH)

Who we are

iSQI plays a large role in certifying the know-how of IT professionals in over 100 countries on 6 continents in 10 languages. With over 30,000 certifications per year, iSQI paves the way for successful career development.

What do we do?

iSQI ‘Certified’ Programmes such as Software Testing, Requirements Engineering, Agile, Business Analysis, Mobile App Testing as well as Usability and User Experience and more.

Why certification?

Constantly changing job requirements generate a demand for lifelong learning and sue to need to stay competitive in today’s job market, professionals has to possess comprehensive and comparable skills and knowledge.

Developpp rwanda goals

Here are the summary of our objectives for the DeveloPPP Rwanda Project. 

Trainer Network

Establishment & maintenance of trainer’s network and examiner pool


Connection to international community of software testers

German Firms Integrations

Support measures for networking between East African region and German companies

Professional Opportunity

iSQI certified professionals compete in the global market for the best IT jobs and salaries.

Professional Achievement

Validate professional knowledge and mastery of skills useful to employees, coworkers, and clients.

Global Stage

Set Rwandans on the global map of IT software competitiveness with others around the world

Worlds of iSQI

“Working virtually and in cross-functional teams ensures iSQI employees around the world feel part of the iSQI family.”

“You are always guaranteed a warm welcome at any office you visit!”